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Race Leader    
Bellato: Wil

Accretian: Budweiser

Cora: Xerressea
CW Times (Eastern)    
7:00 am

3:00 pm

11:00 pm

Remember: We gather at BCC
15 minutes prior to CW Start.
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EarthRock, Jan 7, 12 12:54 PM.
Our next GvG will be on January 8, 2012 At First war!

Test Exp parties.

EarthRock, Jan 2, 12 3:07 AM.
Here is how this works.  You get 3 points per guild member in your party.  Example -  you have 3 other guild member in your party you each would get 9 DKP. If you had 4 other guild members you all would get 12 DKP.  So if you have a full party of 8 guild members. then everyone get 24 DKP!!!

This only happens if you have at least 3 other guild members

The parties should last for at least 45mins to an 1hr.  There is no real way to track this so you only get points once a week,  Try to get as many guild members as you can. Be honest and fair.

This is only a test.  I want to try and make this work out for everyone.

Happy New Year!

Liddybelle, Dec 31, 11 11:48 AM.
Just in case you are stopping to check in.... we are working on the site! We have a new banner and will be altering some of the mods to make this a little more personal to MercTroopers. Don't for get to check out your profiles and add a pic for your avatar!

Have a Happy New Year! Be safe!

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